3000 HP DC Drive (Banbury Mixer)

This drive is also suitable for the following applications:
Scrap Shredder (Hammer Mill), Ball Mills, Kiln and Banbury Mixer.
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The drive system will consist of two – 2400 ADC / 750 VDC six pulse drive cabinet sections. The power converter SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) heat sink bridges are manufactured by Joliet Technologies and are fitted with Siemens High Horsepower command modules (6RA70). Siemens control and firing technology is applied for superior operation of SCR gating, current, speed and monitoring of motor drive. Each of the 2400 ADC sections work together by load sharing the high current demand. The drives will be designated as Master / Slave. By supplying each section with a single isolation transformer with two outputs Delta & Wye, we can minimize the harmonic distortions caused by SCR type converter drive systems. The overload current limit rateing is 150% for 1 min. every 10 min.

The following features are included:

  • Two – two door, modified Nema 12 cabinets, Mild steel construction measuring (90″x78″x30″). Paint is factory standard, ANSI 61 Gray.
  • Two – 2500 Amp. Molded Case Switches mounted w/ through the door manual switch handle (pad lockable).
  • Two – 2400 ADC 1-Quadrant SCR bridge assemblies.
  • Two Sets – SCR AC line fusing.
  • Two – cabinet air cooling and filtration packages.
  • Two – Siemens High HP command modules.
  • One – 85 ADC/single phase, Siemens field module and transformer.
  • Customer supplied, encoder feedback speed control as per customer drawings.
  • One main motor blower circuit 20 HP @ 600V Max.
  • Three digital meters for the following: Armature Amps, Armature Volts and Field Amps. Meters are mounted in the Master drive cabinet door.
  • Siemens door mounted programming and fault indication keypad.
  • Door mounted Hand/Off/Auto selector switch.
  • Copper pad bus areas for incoming and out going AC/DC power connections.

Note: All above electrical construction is assembled to meet UL and IEEE standards.

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DC T-Reactor will be connected in the DC link between the two converters of differing phase to limit circulating currents due to instantaneous voltage differences.  The reactor will be built in a separate Nema 1 enclosure.


  • 2 Reactors @ .5335 milli. Henrys / 2000 Amp
  • 1 – Nema 1 enclosure
  • 4000 Amp. Center tap
  • Copper windings, 150 Deg. C rise, 220 Deg. C Insulation

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5000 KVA with the following specifications:

  • Primary Voltage 25 KV, 60 Hertz, 3 phase Delta, 5000 KVA
  • Secondary Voltage 600V Delta, 2500 KVA and 600/347 Wye, 2500 KVA
  • Aluminum windings, 150 Deg. C rise, 220 Deg. C Insulation
  • K-Factor 4
  • Nema 1 enclosure floor mount

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Joliet Technologies tests all Drives at no load, prior to shipment, to insure that all of the operator’s functions work correctly, and are capable of providing rated armature and field voltages. We will set as many parameters as possible in order to minimize your start-up time. However, it will be necessary to retune your drive for the dynamics of your mechanical system, the electrical power source and other variations, which must be taken into account for the drive to function correctly. Joliet Tech’s Service Engineers are available to provide this service in accordance with our standard published rates.

Start-up assistance is not provided with this quotation, but it is available at the standard published rates. The customer will be required to have ALL equipment and all necessary electrical connections hooked up according to the requirements of the local electrical code. In the event that there is a failure related to the customer-supplied equipment, or the system is not ready for start-up, the customer will be responsible for all incurred expenses and time of the service technician, (ex: stand-by time).

1 Complete Instruction Manual
3 Sets of Wiring Schematics and Diagrams

To Be Determined.

FOB Factory – Crest Hill, IL. We will work with you to find the most cost effective shipping method.

Delivery Time:
8 to 12 weeks after receipt of an order.

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