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Unidrive SP

Software Overview


CTSoft is a free Windows based drive configuration tool designed to enable the complete control and display of all parameters within a Unidrive SP. Functions within CTSoft allow data to be uploaded, viewed and saved, or retrieved from disk, modified and printed. It can be used off-line in the office or on-line in the factory. CTSoft communicates with the Unidrive SP via the computer’s serial port to the drive’s RS485 port using a communications cable (CT Comms cable) or via SMEthernet module. For more information, refer to the Software Section.
Some of CTSoft’s capabilities include:

  • Remote Upload/Download
  • Parameter Saving
  • Drive and SM-Application Reset
  • Monitor Screens
  • Multiple Window Display
  • Block Diagram Animation

FREE Software Download - CTSoft is Supplied with the Drive or you can Download from www.emersonct.com/downloads


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Application Programming Software


Control Techniques has developed a programming tool called SyPT (or System Programming Tool) for OEM’s and End Users that allows engineers and machine designers to maximize the functionality of the Unidrive SP and other Control Techniques drives. Whether programming a simple single-drive application that requires Run and Stop controls, or fully networked multi-drive control systems for machine and process control applications, SyPT helps the user to solve the application.

To cover the wide range of application complexity, SyPT is available in two versions called SyPTLite and SyPTPro. SyPTLite is used to creat simple or complex Ladder Logic programs that can be used to control the drive, and even to replace small PLC’s that control machine I/O. SyPTPro is for the advanced machine programmer, and gives the user IEC -61131- 3 sytle programming with Ladder Logic, Function Block, and DPL (text-based) editors. SyPTPro is used for complete machine control and/or motion control by configuring all drives and control modules, as well as replacing costly PLC’s used just for machine I/O.

Scalable PLC capability is accomplished using Solution Modules, which provide added memory, I/O, and connectivity options, i.e., the SM-Applications Lite and SM-Applications module. (See Software section.)

FREE Software Download - You can Download SyPTLite from www.syptlite.com


PowerTools Pro is a Windows-based software program used to develop” Motion Made Easy” TM motion control applications, and is employed when an SM-EZMotion module is used with the Unidrive SP. PowerTools Pro is used to develop sophisticated motion programs in minutes instead of hours, and is ideal for solving a full range of axis and axis-and-a-half applications. (See the Motion Control section for details.)

FREE Software Download - You ca Download PowerTools Pro from www.emersonct.com/downloads

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