ESN - Electrical Solutions Network

Joliet Technologies has partnered with Electrical Solutions Network (ESN), in our effects to promote energy efficiency through the use of variable speed drives.

In this economic climate you need to get the most for your buck. This is the time to make those improvements you need to save energy, cut costs & stay competitive. Waiting only costs you money. Contact Joliet Technologies today.

Many utilities are now offering rebates for the installation of VFD’s or retro-fitting existing equipment with variable frequency drives. Contact your local utility or search VFD rebate or go to the DSIRE website or website, a couple of comprehensive sources of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

What is Electrical Solutions Network?

Electrical Solutions Network specializes in cutting-edge, low-cost electrical upgrades to your business and facility. Their team carries decades of experience that enables them to provide their clients a low cost turnkey solution and the ability to handle the many challenges that are normally associated with energy efficiency projects. Aside from your company saving upwards of 80% on your energy costs, ESN also works directly with the utility providers to furnish your project with grant / rebate dollars, that go directly to your bottom line. These additional savings help your facility and your community in a single action; which makes this one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make!

ESN works with distributors, contractors, and top sales associates with multiple electrical firms assuring the easiest path towards your business upgrading to these new technologies at the lowest possible cost. Aside from providing inexpensive implementation costs, you also may be eligible to receive additional funding via the utility companies grant program. One of ESN’s many specialties is handling the entire process from concept to completion, assuring everything performed and submitted is of the highest possible quality.

Aside from aiding your community, this will tremendously improve your company’s bottom line. By upgrading your electrical infrastructure, including your lighting; You will see the savings immediately. You will also avoid any potential outages, as well as yearly increased costs. This will provide your business a certain piece of mind when it comes to cost certainty; Which is vital to your business as your business itself.

Green Cost Saving Initiative

As early as 2013, we can expect significant utility rate increases. What this means for you and/or your company is increased costs; Which typically leads to lower operating budgets, loss of jobs, or the closing of your business. However, there is a solution to avoid any of the above listed issues: Adopting a cost-saving, environmental friendly energy plan, that will not only help you, but your community as well.

In 2003, Commercial and Government buildings accounted for upwards of 55% of all energy consumption in the United States. By 2013, this number may increase as high as 70%. It is a strong possibility that electrical grids will be overwhelmed, causing blackouts and increased costs passed on to customer. By taking action and adopting energy-efficient lighting, wiring, and services, your business may be able to cut your electricity costs by 80% each year!

Also, by being proactive and becoming a early-adopter of these innovative upgrade programs; you may be eligible to receive grants or rebates provided by the utility companies themselves, as well as substantial tax deductions! This makes it a clear indication of the aforementioned potential issues becoming a reality sooner rather than later.

The Bottom line is that most facilities utilize an electrical infrastructure that has been outdated for decades. This is potentially hazardous, and inefficient. This cutting-edge opportunity will save you upwards of tens of thousands in energy costs per year. Most, (if not all), of your expenses to implement the electrical upgrades may be covered with the grant, rebate or other incentive programs, and most importantly you will be helping your community and our planet.

Electrical Solutions Network is located less than an hour from the city of Chicago, conviently located near interestates 55 and 80, in Joliet, IL. For all inquires and other needs please contact us at any of the following:

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