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DCS800, 10 to 4000 hp


Feedback Options

Feedback Options
The DCS800 can be configured to work with a variety of feedback options to monitor motor and line speed. Together with the standard interface, the drive can read up to one tachometer and two encoders simultaneously. Resolvers can be used in place of encoders. “Encoderless” operation, using motor EMF as feedback, is also possible and an excellent choice in many applications.

The drive has a tachometer interface as standard for tachometers with maximum voltages of 8 to 270 Vdc. For AC tachometers with rectifiers, the drive has a filter to smooth out the signal going to the drive.

Pulse Encoders
The drive also has one encoder interface as standard, to operate with single-ended and differential pulse encoders. The non-isolated interface works with 5Vdc and 24Vdc devices, and also 12Vdc devices for drives over 1000 Amps (D5 and over).

A second pulse encoder interface (non-isolated) can be used with the addition of one of the RTAC pulse encoder interface adapters. The RTAC-03 is used for TTL encoders; the RTAC-01 is used for other types. To add an isolated pulse encoder interface, the IOB-03 can be used. The IOB-03 is separately mounted on DIN rail.

+L517 5 & 24 Vdc TTL encoder interface (RTAC-03)
+L502 15 & 24 Vdc encoder interface (RTAC-01)
Analog and encoder I/O module (SDCS-IOB-3)

Two options are available for resolver interface. The first option is for applications where the resolver is primarily used as a positioning device, a lifting table, for example. In this case, the RRIA-01 resolver interface adapter can be used. The RSCM-01 can also be used to double the resolver voltage to adapt it to the working range of RRIA-01.

+L516 Resolver interface adapter (RRIA-01)
Resolver signal conditioning mod. (RSCM-01)

When speed control is required, or whenever a premium interface is desired, the FEN-21 resolver interface adapter should be used. The FEN-21 provides an ultra-smooth speed feedback signal for optimal speed control. The FEN-21 is mounted to a DIN-rail extension adapter (FEA-01) which converts the feedback to a fiber optic signal and transmits it to the drive’s COM-81 or COM-82 module. (Fiber optic cable and external 24Vdc supply also required.)

+L508 Fiber optic – standard (COM-81)
+L509 Fiber optic – NETA (COM-82)
external F-type resolver (FEN-21)
external F-type extension adapter (FEA-01)

ABB DCS800 Feedback Options

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