Magnetek – Reduced Voltage Soft Starters
RVS-DN Digital Soft Starter

Joliet Technologies is now offering the Magnetek Line of Soft Starters.

Magnetek Reduced Voltage Soft Starters 

RVS-DN Digital Soft Start

Digital Soft Start 8-2700A, 200-600 Volts Heavy-Duty, Fully Featured

Advantages at a glance

  • Standard Ratings: 8-2700A, 200-600V
  • Optional Voltages: 380, 690 and 1000V
  • Heavy duty, rated for 50°C
  • Superior starting and stopping characteristics
  • Comprehensive motor protection package
  • User-friendly programming menu
  • Operates off stand-by generator power supply

Magnetek RVS-DN-8-72A Digital Soft Start

Performance Features

  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Current limit
  • Pump control program
  • Torque and current control for optimized starting and stopping
  • Jog with electronic reverse
  • Pulse start for high break-away torque
  • Linear acceleration (requires tach feedback)
  • Four modes of fault reset

Protection Features

  • Programmable maximum starts
  • Stall detection
  • Electronic shear pin (jam)
  • Electronic overload with selectable curves
  • Under current
  • Phase loss and phase sequence
  • Under and over voltage
  • Load loss (motor not connected)
  • Shorted SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)
  • Over-temperature

Magnetek RVS-DN-1100-1800A Digital Soft Start


LCD & LEDs Displays 

  • LCD-2 lines x 16 characters
  • Selectable languages:
    English, German, French and Spanish
  • Two display modes for basic and advanced applications
  • User friendly operation with default parameters
  • Eight LEDs for quick operation status

Magnetek RVS-DN Digital Soft Start LCD & LEDs Displays

Available Statistical Data
Data is stored in NV RAM, and is retrievable via keypad or serial communication

  • Total run time
  • Total number of starts
  • Total number of trips
  • Last start current
  • Last start time
  • Last trip
  • Current at trip

Magnetek RVS-DN Digital Soft Start Available Statistical Data



  • Communication Protocal; RS-485, MODBUS, PROFIBUS or MODBUS-TCP/IP
  • Motor insulation test-monitors motor insulation when motor is stopped, with alarm and start inhibit set points

Magnetek RVS-DN-105-170A Digital Soft Start

  • Analog output-related to motor’s current;
    selectable 0-20mA, 4-20mA and 0-10VDC
  • Thermistor input, selectable as PTC or NTC
  • Preparation for Bypass-bus bar arrangement to maintain protection when bypass is closed
  • Conformal coating for printed circuit boards
  • Back-lit LCD
  • Tach feedback card for synchronized multi-motor starting

Magnetek RVS-DN-210-390A Digital Soft Start


Pump Control
Designed to prevent over-pressure during starting, and water-hammer during stopping. Six field-adjustable starting and stopping curves with adjustable final torque point.
Typical applications: Pumping to a high elevation or against counter torque. 

Jog with Electronic Reverse
Motor can be operated at 1/6 of rated speed for 30 seconds. Direction is reversed electronically, without contactors.
Typical applications: Positioning, maintenance and sewage pumps-releasing jam conditions by reverse rotation. 

Energy Saver
Supply voltage to the motor is reduced when motor is lightly loaded. The RVS-DN lowers the rotating magnetic field intensity, improving the power factor and reducing power consumption.
Typical applications: Piston Compressors operating less than 50% of the duty cycle in less than 50% of their FLA current. 

Auxiliary Relays
Programmable relays, 3 Form C, 8A, 220 VAC

  • Immediate with adjustable on and off delays, can be dedicated for shear-pin (jam) protection
  • End of acceleration with adjustable “on” delay
  • Fault, programmable as fault or fault fail-safe operation
  • Low motor insulation alarm (optional) Optional Communication Protocals

Optional Communication Protocols

  • MODBUS-enables setting, control and supervision
  • PROFIBUS DP-enabling control and supervision
  • MODBUS-TCP/IP- supported according to “Specification 1.0,” via standard RJ45 computer network connector (TBD)

Magnetek RVS-DN Digital Soft Start Optional Communication Protocols

Optional Analog Board
Two field programmable functions:

  • Thermistor input, PTC or NTC
  • Analog output, related to motor’s current, programmable as 0-10VDC, 4-20mA, 0-20mA
Optional Motor Insulation Tester
A unique feature for submersible pumps or motors installed in humid and harsh environments, the system measures motor insulation integrity when the motor is not running. Two programmable levels are available:

  • Alarm level, adjustable 0.2-5 MΩ
  • Fault level, adjustable 0.2-5 MΩ, prevents starting when insulation is below an acceptable level

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