General Electric NEMA/IEC AC Motors

Kinamatic® Explosion Proof AC Motors

Kinamatic® Explosion Proof AC Motors

Kinamatic® Explosion Proof

GE manufactures a broad range of DC explosion proof motors for both commercial and industrial applications. The standard KINAMATIC Explosion proof (XP) motor is a totally enclosed machine with a housing constructed to contain, within the motor, any explosion caused by hazardous atmosphere entering the enclosure and being ignited. An explosion proof motor prevents the equipment from triggering a general fire or explosion.

Industries: Pump

Features and Benefits

  • Horsepower range: 1 through 75 HP
  • Armature voltage range: 180, 240 and 500 volts
  • Class F insulation
  • Shunt wound
  • Capable of 150% of rated load for 60 seconds
  • Continuous operation in 40C ambient
  • TREC (Tape Reinforced Encapsulated Coil) field coils in CD400AT frames
  • Optional modifications available
  • Class I Group D; Class II Groups E, F and G


  • Lube Oil Pump


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