PLEASE NOTE: Effective 2019, we no longer supply Control Techniques variable frequency drives and components. We have drives from several other manufacturers which can meet or exceed the performance characteristics of the Control Techniques line. Simply complete the form below, or contact us with the model of your current or obsolete Control Techniques drive and we’ll be glad to identify a suitable replacement.

Also, the Fincor and Saftronics lines of AC variable frequency drives, DC variable speed drives, and reduced voltage starters were once owned by Emerson but have been obsolete for several years. However, we have many years’ experience working with these drives and can quickly identify replacements capable of exceeding the quality and performance of these older drive technologies. For a suitable replacement, fill out the form below or contact us with your drive or application requirements, and we’ll handle it from there!

Commander SK

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If you need a replacement for an existing obsolete drive, complete the following form and we will send you a quote for a suitable replacement.

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  • IP20
  • UL TYPE lor NEMA 1 rating with optional cover + conduit entry kit
  • Ambient temperature -10°C to +40°C @ 3kHz switching
  • Humidity 95% maximum (non-condensing)
  • Electromagnetic Immunity complies with EN61800-3 and EN61 000-6-3 and 4
  • Electromagnetic Emissions complies with EN61800-3 (second environment) as standard. Complies with EN61O00-6-3 (residential) and EN61 000-6-4 (industrial) generic standards with optional footprint EMC filter


  • Open loop vector control, V/Hz
  • Speed or torque control
  • Reference input: 0-1 OV, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, Presets, Pulse, PWM (-10 to + 10V SM-I/O Lite option)
  • Digital I/O – All configurable
    • 4 inputs, not stop, run, jog, 10caVremote (default)
    • 1 I/O zero speed (default)
    • 1 relay drive health (default)
  • Switching frequency: 3kHz (default)
    • 230V: 6, 12, 18kHz
    • 460V: 6, 12kHz
  • Output frequency 0 to 1500Hz
  • Accel and Decel ramps (linear and S type)
  • Positive logic control
  • Serial communication
    • Modbus RTU RS485 via R J45 connector
    • Baud rate 4800, 9600, 19200 or 38400 bits per second
  • DC injection braking as standard
  • Dynamic braking transistor as standard
  • Dynamic motor flux V/Hz for energy saving
  • Quadratic motor flux V/Hz for fan and pump optimization


  • Undervoltage, Supply and DC Link overvoltage, Phase loss, Drive overload, Instantaneous overcurrent, Short circuit, Ground fault. Drive thermal, Watchdog, Motor thermal

General Characteristics

  • Maximum overload 150% of rated current for 60 sec
  • Intelligent Thermal Management (lTM) optimizes switching frequency
  • 8 preset speeds
  • Flying start
  • Mains dip ride through
  • Automatic no-spin autotune for fast performance optimization
  • Keypad access to all parameters for more demanding applications

Approvals & Listings

UL, cUL IECCE UL ISO 9001 :2000 ISO 14001   UL File Listed 8D14 Meets IEC Vibration, Mechanical Shock and Electromagnetic Immunity Standards Low Voltage Directive UL type 1 with kit Certified Manufacturing Facility Certified Manufacturing Facility


Commnader SK AC Drive Dimensions

Drive Size w h d
in mm in mm in mm
A 2.95 75 5.5 140 5.71 145
B 3.35 85 7.48 190 6.14 156
C 3.93 100 9.45 240 6.81 173

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