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    (Obsolete) Saftronics GP10 – General Purpose Open Loop Vector AC Drive
    (Obsolete FINCOR Series 5700)

    Options & Accessories

    Name GP10 / VG10 24 VDC or 24/120 VAG Interface Option Card

    Part Number 100-0171-01

    Function Designed to provide a hardware interface between the users’ 24 VDC 120 VAG input control circuitry and the Saftronics’ GP10 / VG10 inverter. It has 5 control inputs including FWD and REV with screw type  ermination. It assembles directly into the inverter as an option card.

    Input: Control Voltage: 120 VAG RMS
    Input Resistance: 23 kOhm
    Isolation Voltage: 5 kVAC

    Connection Diagram

    Connection Diagram GP10 / VG10 24 VDC or 24/120 VAG Interface Option Card

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