ACS880 ABB AC Industrial Drives

Low voltage AC drives

ABB industrial drives
ACS880, single drives
0.75 to 1700 hp (0.55 to 1300 kW)

Flexible connectivity to automation networks

Our fieldbus adapter modules enable communication between drives, systems, devices and software. Our industrial drives are compatible with a wide range of fieldbus protocols.

The plug-in fieldbus adapter module can easily be mounted inside the drive. Other benefits include reduced wiring costs when compared with traditional input/output connections.
Fieldbus systems are also less complex than conventional systems, resulting in less overall maintenance.

Multiple fieldbus connections for flexible control
ACS880 supports two fieldbus connections simultaneously. The user has flexibility of choice for control modes by being able to select one protocol for control and one for monitoring.
Also redundant fieldbus connection is possible.

Drive monitoring
A set of drive parameters and/or actual signals, such as torque, speed, current, etc., can be selected for cyclic data transfer, providing fast data access.

Drive diagnostics
Accurate and reliable diagnostic information can be obtained through the alarm, limit and fault words.

Drive parameter handling
The Ethernet fieldbus adapter module allows users to build an Ethernet network for drive monitoring and diagnostic and parameter handling purposes.

ACS880 drive with fieldbus adapters and feedback interface module

ACS880 drive with fieldbus adapters and feedback interface module

Substituting the large amount of conventional drive control cabling and wiring with a single cable reduces costs and increases system reliability and flexibility.

The use of fieldbus control reduces engineering time at installation due to the modular structure of the hardware and software and the simplicity of the connections to the drives.

Commissioning and assembly
The modular machine configuration allows pre-commissioning of single machine sections and provides easy and fast assembly of the complete installation.

Universal communication with ABB fieldbus adapters
The ACS880 supports the following fieldbus protocols:

Fieldbus adapter modules

Option Option code Fieldbus protocol
FCAN-01 +K457 CANopen®
FDNA-01 +K451 DeviceNet™
FENA-11 +K473 1 port EtherNet/IP™, Modbus TCP, PROFINET IO
FENA-21 +K475 2 port EtherNet/IP™, Modbus TCP, PROFINET IO, PROFIsafe 1)
FECA-01 +K469 EtherCAT®
FSCA-01 +K458 Modbus RTU
FEPL-02 +K470 PowerLink
FCNA-01 +K462 ControlNet™

1) For the PROFIsafe to work the PROFINET fieldbus adapter module (FENA-21) and the safety functions module are required.

Fieldbus adapter modules

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