MOTORTRONICS - Solid State AC Motor Control. Medium Voltage Soft Starts.

Medium Voltage
Solid State Soft Starts

5kV, 7kV and 15kV Class


Advanced motor control, protection and monitoring in a reliable, field-proven soft starter
UL and cUL Approved

MVC Plus Series, Medium Voltage Soft State. 5kV, 7kV and 15kV Class by MOTORTRONICS. Advanced motor control, protection and monitoring in a reliable, field-proven soft starter.
Medium Voltage Soft Starts by MOTORTRONICS

Customized Line-Ups

designed to your project specifications

The standard Class E-2 MVC Plus Series soft start design can be packaged as a “building-wide solution”.

Main disconnectsMain-tie-mains

Incoming line sections

Transformer feeders

Across-the-line starters

VFD bypass isolation

Coordinated key interlocks

Custom Medium Voltage Line-Up

Medium voltage MCC line-ups or stand-alone starters customized to meet your application needs.

Multiple motors on one starterPFC capacitor control

Reversing or 2-speed motors

SCADA communications

Cone valve logic control

Conveyor controls

PLC Logic

Medium Voltage Control Centers

Typical 5kV MCC options:

Incoming/pull sections 18″,24″ or 36″ wide

Busbars 800A, 1200A, or 2000A
Tin plated copper
Braced for 78kA fault withstand

Safety key interlocks

Main fused disconnects 400A, 600A or 1200A

Auxiliary across-the-line starters

Control sections 24″ or 36″ wide

Feeder switches 400A, 600A or 1200A

Protection relays and other accessories

Low voltage transformers

AC drive bypass isolation

PLC logic control

Power factor correction capacitor controls

Custom packaging with draw-out switch gear

Contact factory for 7kV and lSkV application requirements.

Specialty Motor Applications

  • Synchronous Exciter
    The MVC Plus Series can be integrated with synchronous exciters in both brush and brushless packages.
  • Wound Rotor
    Apply the exact rotor resistance needed for your application, while soft starting the stator with the MVC Plus Series.
  • Reversing or 2 speed
    Controls can be built-in, or the MVC Plus Series can be retrofitted behind existing 2 speed controllers.
  • Inching / Spotting Control
    For low speed load positioning to line up access ports, test blade positions, etc.
  • Multiple Motor
    Control and protect multiple motors from one soft starter

4160V, 1000A Soft Starter with Synchronous Controllerfor 10,000 HP gas compressor.


4160V, multi-motor Soft Starter designed to simultaneously start (3) 600HP conveyor motors.

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