Experienced Managers

Collectively, Joliet Technologies has over 125 years of experience in the industrial variable speed drives and controls market. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Production ManagerGreg Thornton - Production Manager / Owner
E-mail Greg Thornton
Greg Thornton (gregt@joliettech.com)
Cell Phone: (815) 207-0819

  • 16 years experience in the manufacture of drives, control panels, and PLC systems with previous employer.
  • Over 11 years as shop foreman in charge of production, engineering, and assembly of electrical panels with previous employer.
  • He is also involved with onsite installations.
  • Grundy County Vocational (1982-1984, 660 hrs.).
  • Electrical/Electronics Class.
  • Production Manager since 6/3/02 at Joliet Technologies.

Administrator / OwnerJohn Gierich - Quality Assurance and IT Manager
E-mail John Gierich
John Gierich (johng@joliettech.com)
Cell Phone: (815) 341-5445

  • Quality Assurance Manager
    • Joliet Technologies has a Quality System in place, following the ISO9001:2008 Quality Standard.
    • Involved in Quality Assurance since 1996 with previous employer (an ISO9001 Registered Company).
  • Information Manager
  • CAD Operator
    • 1-1/2 years Draftsman with Geotech, Inc.
    • Over 25 years experience with previous employer, from 1977 to 2002.
    • Working exclusively with AutoCAD since 1987.
  • Webmaster/Marketing Director
    • Began as Webmaster in 1998 for previous employer and several other companies.
  • Marketing Director, QA and IM since 6/3/02 at Joliet Technologies.