2 of the 4 SCR Drive Cabinets

2 of the 4 SCR Drive Cabinets

Joliet Technologies designs and manufactures
4 SCR Drive cabinets for
Mermaid Offshore Services in Singapore.

The 4 SCR drive cabinets for the MTR-2 project have been designed to control Drawworks / Rotary Table, and 4 Mud Pumps. Along with the DC variable speed drive cabinets Joliet Technologies also designed and built a Transition cabinet to connect the existing lineup to the new equipment. The 5 cabinets we built had to match the existing footprint of the original equipment that was built in the 1970’s. We also supplied a Driller’s Console of stainless steel construction and Z purged for a Class 1, Division 2 locations to monitor and control the functions of the drives.

SCR Drive Cabinet Features:

SCR Drive Cabinet Door.

SCR Drive Cabinet Door.

  • 600VAC Main Power Distribution Bus
  • Draw Out Circuit Breakers
  • Siemens 6RA70 DC Drives
  • Drive Keypad mounted on cabinet door
  • Meters for Armature Volts and Armature Amps mounted on cabinet door
  • Drive Assignment Pilot Lights mounted on cabinet door
  • Multiple drive assignments
  • Cooling Fans
  • Drip Shield with External Lighting
  • Grab Bars
  • AC Control Circuits
Driller's Console for Mermaid Offshore Services in Singapore.

Stainless Steel Driller’s Console

Design review was performed by Bureau Veritas (BV) to verify conformity with national and international rules, regulations and standards.

Manufacturing, inspections and testing was performed by Joliet Technologies and witnessed by BV surveyor as required in the BV Rules for Offshore Units.
The following scope applies but not limited to:

  • Witness FAT tests per Joliet Technologies proposed FAT Test Plan;
  • Review final data book/MDR and verify trace ability to installed major equipment/components;
  • Review certificates of equipment/components for use in hazardous locations and verify trace ability;
  • BV Marking to be placed by the BV surveyor upon satisfactory conclusion of the inspections.

This project was commissioned by Joliet Technologies in April 2008 in Singapore.

MTR-2 Begins Two-Year Contract with Chevron
Mermaid Drilling
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Mermaid reports that its tender assist rig, MTR-2, has begun the previously announced contract with Chevron. The rig had been in the shipyard undergoing its special periodic survey and modifications.
The contract is for a period of two years and the rig will be working offshore Thailand.

Mermaid Offshore Services – Company Overview.

Mermaid Offshore Services Ltd. (MOS) is a Thai registered company and a member of the Mermaid Maritime group of companies. The company has operational facilities in the Thai ports of Laem Chabang and Songkhla. There are also facilities in Indonesia, China and Vietnam brought about by Mermaids continuing regional expansion.

Established in 1982 as a small contractor responding to the Thai offshore sectors need for a local, professionally run diving company, Mermaid Offshore has since become one of Asia’s major sub sea solutions providers. Our dedicated management team and workforce supported by our parent company are committed to providing a standard of service that customers have come to expect from operating in the offshore sectors of the North Sea. In 2004 Mermaid Maritime became a fully owned subsidiary of the Thoresen Group, one of the world’s largest bulk carrier operators.

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