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X$D Ultra NEMA Premium®Efficiency - TEFC Electric MotorsX$D Ultra NEMA Premium®Efficiency – TEFC
GE is a leading manufacturer of NEMA Premium extra severe duty motors. The X$D Ultra which is a product of ecomagination provides a low overall life cycle cost.


Energy $aver® - TEFC Severe Motors

Energy $aver® – TEFC Severe Duty
GE has been manufacturing premium efficient motors since the late 1970’s. The latest Energy $aver design meets EISAct (Energy Independence & Security Act 2007) efficiency levels.


Energy $aver® NEMA Premium Efficiency - ODP Motors Energy $aver® NEMA Premium Efficiency – ODP
GE is a strategic manufacturer of open drip proof (ODP) motors that meet NEMA Premium efficiency standards. These motors are designed to provide the owner the quickest payback for their investment.


ValueLine™ EPAct Efficiency - ODP MotorsValueLine™ EPAct Efficiency – ODP
GE ValueLine product meets governmental EPAct standards. These open drip proof (ODP) motors are available in the range of 1-400 HP for motors that operate in a clean environment. These motors are inverter duty and meet the NEMA MG1-31 standard.


ValueLine™ Vertical Hollow Shaft MotorsValueLine™ Vertical Hollow Shaft
GE ValueLine vertical hollow shaft (VHS) of the WPI product line is a high thrust design, designed for deep well pump applications. The ValueLine product offering ranges from 5 – 300 HP and is compatible with a variable speed drive.


ASD Inverter Duty MotorsASD Inverter Duty
GE provides AC motors for use on variable frequency drives (VFD). These motors are manufactured to withstand an infinite: 1 constant torque speed range. Motors are designed to withstand the modern switching frequencies of today’s IGBT’s.

Kinamatic® Explosion Proof MotorsKinamatic® Explosion Proof
The KINAMATIC Explosion-proof (XP) motor is a totally enclosed machine with a housing constructed to contain within the motor any explosion caused by the hazardous atmosphere entering the enclosure and being ignited.


Kinamatic® General Purpose MotorsKinamatic® General Purpose
GE’s general-purpose DC motors are available for industrial applications. Motors are available in totally enclosed and open drip proof enclosures. Used for conveyors, textile machines, printing presses, packaging machines, extruders, and fans.


ValueLine™ EPAct Efficiency - TEFC MotorsValueLine™ EPAct Efficiency – TEFC
GE offers a wide variety of motors that meet governmental EPAct standards. These totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors are available in the range of 1-250 HP for general purpose applications. These motors are inverter duty and meet the NEMA MG1-31 standard.


Permanent Magnet Custom MotorsPermanent Magnet Custom
Permanent magnet DC motors possess rugged construction features. Custom shaft configurations, mounting face, conduit boxes, motor leads and footprints are available. Designs for battery-powered and rectified AC are also available.


Permanent Magnet Standard MotorsPermanent Magnet Standard
Permanent magnet DC motors are dependable and flexible. Designed for low maintenance, these motors are intended to provide years of worry-free operation. These adjustable speed drive DC motors combine exceptional value and rugged construction.


Permanent Magnet Washdown MotorsPermanent Magnet Washdown
The enclosures of these motors are designed to offer greater moisture and corrosion protection than totally enclosed motors, making them suitable for washdown applications.

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