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Solcon SEM-N Rugged Soft Starter for Naval and Military SpecificationsSEM-N Rugged Soft Starter for Naval and Military Specifications

Soft starter for Naval and Military applications. Range: 8-31A, 4-15 KW, 220-440V, 50/60Hz (Consult Factory for 60-440Hz). Built to pass military standards this soft starter is simple to use and hold up in the toughest environments.

Solcon SEM-N Soft Starter for Naval Applications

Solcon SEM-N Soft Starter for Naval Applications

SEM-N Soft Starter for Naval Applications
8-31A, 110-440V

Specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of Naval and Military Specifications (vibrations, shocks, temperature rise, etc.).
Easy to install and operate.

Meeting Naval and Military Requirements

Voltages: 110-440Vac ±6% 50, 60 or 400Hz

Spikes: 2500V/50uSec. @ 250Amp

Vibration: Sine wave, any axis, 2-500Hz @ ±0.7G

Mechanical Shock: ½ Sine Wave, 11 mSec & 15 G, any axis

Thermal shocks: -2.5°C to + 55°C for a period of 10 cycles at the rate of 4°C /Min

Humidity: 95% Relative conditions including vapor condensation.

Environmental: Salt fog, spray.

Acceptance Tests:

Solcon SEM-n Naval Applications

Solcon SEM-n Naval Applications

Naval Acceptance Test Pr°Cedure

  • 24 Hour testing – Every unit at 75% of Nominal current @ 47°C ± 3°C
  • Warranty, Q.A., C.O.C. + Specification with every unit.
  • E.S.S. Test – The SEM-N was subjected to std. military equipment Environment Stress Screening, followed these tests the equipment was tested to its maximum specifications.
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